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    If we could power the country on high dudgeon and towering snit we wouldn’t need oil or natural gas. Add in moral outrage and we wouldn’t need solar panels or wind turbines.

    There may be a way to do that. Part of it anyway.

    The Big Brother and Big Sister organizations use adult volunteers to mentor disadvantaged children. The need for mentors far exceeds the number of volunteers.
    Evidence-based research tells us that we need to come up with a non-profit organization to pay a modest stipend for male mentors to boys. This will bring more of them into the action.

    One way to do this: Start with an organization, possibly called Brothers Plus. But it is to be just one division of the larger non-profit, the other division, called Sisters Plus, we do not fund.

    Not a penny.

    This will deeply offend a lot of people. Their way of fighting back, restoring equality, is to rush in and fund the other part. We can bank on it. Literally.

    So can the disadvantaged kids.

    Is this manipulative?


    It’s anger management.