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Why single mothers are a failure

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  • Why single mothers are a failure


    “A woman can do anything a man can twice as good while still wearing heels” - Average Feminist Single Mother

    Most of us have seen this “cute” feminist claim but it fails to include the following important disclaimer,

    “A woman can do anything* a man can twice as good while still wearing heels” DISCLAIMER:*anything but raising a boy that won’t end up in jail because… Patriarchy - Average Feminist Single Mother

    Cute Mediocre Single Mother Nations

    Single mothers, everybody loves them, cute, hard working, multitasking specialists, able to balance work, school and a small family better than any man and to put the cherry on top, she is a proud feminist. They cannot be blamed for anything because, well, they have the best intentions after all, right? Everybody knows they do not make mistakes and if they do it is because some men wronged them or it is just the effect of the patriarchy. Sounds familiar? It is a cynical blatant travesty. They make monumental collective mistakes which lead to severe population-wide changes that harm their sons and feed the private prison system. Those are mistakes they have to be held accountable for. Single mothers are not little children they should be judged as who they are: adults. The cannon fodder for prisons is supplied by mothers rewarded by the state for getting pregnant or quitting marriage at the slightest opportunity. This collective lie of a woman “never needing a man” is what feeds the private prison system and the narcissism of feminists just won’t admit to it, but they feed this lie consistently and pervasively to single mothers; “you don’t need a man, you go girl!” and the state just rewards them for this reckless decision that involves not making ends meet for a decade, pure joy for a child, right? The inconvenient truth is that this “single mother reward system” has a snowball effect. As the widespread habit of marriage quitters results in widespread single mothers marrying the surrogate “penis-less” state. The state provides a “non threatening phallic-less surrogate husband” for single mothers. A non threatening and conveniently incomplete but wealthy husband of sorts or, to put it bluntly, the state is or a wealthy, mute, eunuch sugar daddy. It also provides everything a husband would in one family court shot. One single shot, every time. The state also becomes a surrogate father for all boys raised by single mothers but since it is an incomplete but convenient surrogate husband, mothers prefer the practicality of not having him at home at all. Instead, as a surrogate father, the state provides all the years of discipline a boy would have needed in one single jail time sentence shot. One single shot, every time. This is extremely convenient for private jail operators whose main steady flow of cannon fodder comes from ineffective narcissistic single mothers. It works so well because, well, who is going to dare blame the mediocre narcissistic mother when everyone knows she is always a victim & boys are evil anyways? The feminist gospel for single mothers is very straight forward because, obviously, the idea of men and women raising a child together is outrageous as the father is always likely to either beat the boy to death or rape him or both (we all know all adult men are evil especially if they are fathers) so it makes sense for the unruly sons of single mothers to get proper beatings and adequate raping to death in one shot in prison. One single shot, every time… Plus, if the kid ends up in jail, he already was as bad as his father anyways. Outrageous isn’t it? However, the gospel for single mothers is not that outrageous, at least not for them. Just like a wife eager to divorce, in her mind she is not at fault because her husband always failed her. In the minds of single mothers they are not at fault for not raising a boy successfully, it was the boy who failed the mother because, um, well, because, “she did everything right, don’t you see? She did everything right!”. Everything right, In one, single shot. What does it make all those hypocrite single mothers look like when they declare themselves a “force for good” while simultaneously facilitating the beatings and raping of countless young boys? Where have we seen this before? The travesty of these single, narcissistic, immaculate, hypocrite nuns of the state is as misanthropic as the one exercised by the pedophiles from the Vatican. Both the Vatican sexual deviants and their single mothers of the state counterparts are responsible for the harm and sexual abuse they inflict upon young boys despite these hypocrites’ desperate throes for immunity to any accountability by having the daily gall to declare themselves “victims”. Single mothers are long-term physical & sexual abusers of boys just like their Vatican male counterparts.

    Good cops are mediocre

    Why are single mothers so catastrophically mediocre at raising boys so much so that these boys end up making up 70 per cent of jail inmates? Because single mothers are mediocre bipolar cops. A single mother is obsessed with being a “good cop only” but all too often she ends up yelling at the top of her lungs & quite frankly children don’t take a bipolar cop seriously. This coupled with the mothers aversion to behaving like a “man” or being like her own “father” (daddy issues) results in her being either too lenient or just bipolar. Surprisingly if this results in a beating from a bipolar mother, it is supposed to be “less violent” for the boy. But, will the single mother be somehow proud of her “gentler” beatings towards her son? After all, she was not like a “man” or her “father”… Right? Raising a child is already too much work for TWO people, let alone one who happens to be narcissistic& delusional enough to believe herself too effective to fail when “just” juggling work, housework and the monumental task of bringing up another human being. Feminist narcissism dictates you never miscalculate, it’s your son who failed you because everyone knows single mothers can play any role perfectly. Any role but the “bad cop” right?

    Bad cops are “evil”

    Simply put, single mothers cannot play the “good cop – bad cop” dynamic fathers and mothers played from the dawn of time. Let me clarify this is not an argument for antiquity, it is based on biology and the evolution of our species, most fathers are hairier, taller and their voices are deeper than that of the mother and for a little toddler these features are tremendously magnified when discipline is enforced by the father. If the mother is ineffective at disciplining the boy, the switch to a stronger, pithy more serious version of a human being just challenges (or confuses the fuck out of) the toddler because the father figure in strict mode is the original ancient police. The essential part of the ancient police is that, for it to be effective, it has to start early in life, (during toddlerhood or even earlier) as dad has two modes, playful educator or strict bad cop. Contrary to feminist dogma, a properly timed, well-trained father does not need to verbally abuse or beat their children at all, in fact the process of imposing an authority figure from early childhood starts so early that only a pithy command in a deeper male voice suffices. This is demonstrated when the unruly toddler is stopped in his tracks with a clear and loud “NO!” from the father then the toddler turns around, starts crying and walks towards the mother. With that kind of father, the toddler has no leeway to monkey around the yelling, noisy, ineffective easy to ignore “good cop” mother because she becomes just that, noise. With the switch to a father (bad cop) the child is challenged to try to switch around strategies in order to blackmail & cajole them into accepting his toddler tantrum. If well done, the toddler will fail miserably over and over again.

    True complicity

    For the “good cop bad cop ” strategy to work both parents need to respect & stay away from each other’s role and performance. Failure to do so will result in them antagonizing in front of the toddler thus losing most or all authority. I have seen this spectacular failure live, in parks & beaches during summers, it usually starts like this, the child is throwing a tantrum, the mother signals the father, father takes over, father starts saying a strict “no” mother cannot control herself butts in and starts ear beating the father in front of the child “don’t talk to him like that! ” result? Child understands from very early the father is just another bigger child the mother yealls at but not a father. Mothers who were raised infantilized will also fail to have the discipline to educate a child without interfering with the “good cop bad cop” logic. Two separate strategies are vital for success.

    Two jurisdictions

    When properly implemented, the good cop bad cop strategy is very effective simply because two strategies are harder than one, especially for a toddler because as they grow up, the boy learns there is always a playful educator & a bad cop at home both living inside a respected father. Sooner or later the toddler grows into a boy that admires the father and around 10-12 the father becomes less and less of a “hero” for the now teen. A father should be aware that he will fall from his son’s “hero” pedestal and should aim high from very early so that the fall is less pronounced but if the mother’s lack of discipline gets in the way the “hero” figure will collapse from the toddler years thus making the father look like another big dummy the mother yells at. Let’s compare this with what happens to single mothers. During toddler years the child learns sooner or later that there is only one person to blackmail with tantrums because she is not a hero, she is not an authority, she is mostly noise. As she consistently fails to be heard, her reptilian brain tells her the only choice is to give daily ear beatings or she will actually beat the crap out of the boy weekly. After a few years, the boy learns to, either ignore the beatings or laugh at the mediocre bipolar “good cop” because often, the single mother will cry and apologize shortly after yelling and/or beating the boy. The message for this contradiction in the little man’s mind reads

    “she just beat me and now she is crying & apologizing? she is not for real” - Single mother’s son

    The beatings, the yelling and the mother’s contradictory regret accumulate over the years until the boy just develops two personas, one, a husk of a person, the one that the mother approves & the second one, the “mom won’t find out” one that often lands the kid in jail. The chain of injustices is often crowned with this narcissistic verbal jewel from the mother’s mindless mouth “he is in jail because he is just like his father.”

    PS What inspired this video performance

    is the sad reality of neglectful single mothers. It is appalling to imagine what happens behind closed doors at millions of single mother households.

    *After some light banning I am back on twitter! BTW here is a friendly invitation to all of you colorful-headed ladies on Prozac; follow me on twitter & be unhappy everyday! @jackoutis2


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