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Women don't care about money! ;)

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  • Women don't care about money! ;)

    I found this hilarious video on Youtube: (Wait for the hilarious punch line at the end of the vid.)

    It's funny because I know plenty of women that do nothing but spend a crap load of money on furniture, clothes, and jewelry - and are STILL miserable! A certain unnamed woman I know spent $130 on a freaking swimsuit for fucks sake! Another woman I know makes over 100k a year and is always miserable, and is always buying useless crap. (Her bank called one time and saw the "unusual" activity on the account and called her if everything was okay, because she was spending so much money FYI she told me, and that's pretty sad.)

    There's a guy I know (again for the sake of anonymity) who made over 200k a year and lost almost everything (His house, job, and his entire savings.) because of the divorce, and for one reason or another is still smiling. Don't get me wrong he was sad in the beginning (who wouldn't be?) but a week or two later and he seems happier than ever.

    Not all women are like that and not all guys are like that either, there are guys that care about material possessions too (usually the super rich), but I would say there's easily more women (at least in my own life and experience, which doesn't make it absolute) that are obsessed with material things.

    There are some guy friends I have who literally live in horrible housing conditions, but still keep on smiling and enjoying life. I myself have always, ALWAYS saw money as trivial and meaningless in the long run. (We need it to live, and to make our lives easier, but not to control our lives.)

    So, what do you guys think? (About the video, the topic, and your own experiences)

    BTW I love how the woman hosting on the video basically ended the little video abruptly by saying "That's it!"
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