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Open Letter To Hoopla: WTF

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  • Open Letter To Hoopla: WTF

    I tried to reply to an article called WTF IS 'HAVING IT ALL' ANYWAY? by Corinne Grant. My reply appeared to post then disappeared. I broke it into two parts in case I surpassed an unmentioned word count limit. It appeared to post then disappeared. I started to think it was an IP block so I had a friend post it for me and it appeared to post to my friend, then disappeared. We suspected the article had been closed without the courtesy of announcing such but then a new reply appeared from someone else so I posted a test reply with bare content and it appeared then disappeared. I'm not going to guess at what caused these deletions but I do wish to have my reply appear somewhere on the internet where it won't suddenly disappear so I'm posting it here.

    My reply:
    First of all, please do not accuse me of being a man or I will post my birthing story as punishment.

    I like this article but not because I think it is accurate. I like it because it's bold, given our times. The sad part is that it's not bold enough. On top of that, it includes fictional narrative that, despite her disdain for feminist babble, Corinne has not managed to identify as fiction. Despite the heavily disproportionate funding, women are not the primary victims of violence. Any statistics that claim to prove this are manipulated. Women are not the primary victims of rape. Any statistics to prove this have been manipulated. Women are not less violent than men. The Rwanda genocide investigations have shown that women equally participated in both orchestrating and carrying out the massacres. Where women were directly overseeing the massacre there was more violent mutilation of the victims. All women agree with the saying "Behind every great man is a great woman" and all the architects of the supposed Patriarchy have been married.

    I love how this article outlined the narcissism of feminism's spokespeople. That's what it is. If you find yourself lamenting a lack of fulfilment and/or happiness stop and honour history and all the men who have slaved and died so you had the luxury to even think about it. Women are master manipulators. They have taken control over our language to the point of mutilation. They have historically manipulated men into dying to protect them. They have manipulated the laws to increase their advantage so they don't have to make any sacrifices for their protection by men. They've duped men into believing their protection of women was abusive.

    Now we women get the luxury of fighting about what "having it all" is while men are still dying earlier and in larger numbers. And women have the nerve to tell men to go fight their own battles. That's all they've done is fight battles. But they've fought them for women. All they ask for in return is respect and all the MRM gets is slanderous insults in response.

    Real equality will not just demand equal rights as you perceive a

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    RE: Open Letter To Hoopla: WTF

    I was about to say all of your comments were deleted by people who didn't like what you said, but I'm glad to hear they finally got up.
    Sadly, I think now someone will use the "shotgunned" multi-post commentary as an excuse to remove it all.

    Thanks for taking the time to go gun-ho. A comment here and there is but a drop of water on the Wicked Witch, but better one drop than none.


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      RE: Open Letter To Hoopla: WTF

      Some woxan showed up quoting lyrics from a song written for a bunch of girls killed in a school shooting by a guy and told me what my name means... hence why I should take their "side."

      I quoted back the lyrics from "I Don't Like Mondays" the first song written about school shootings that I know, which was about a 16 yr old girl shooter. And told her I know what my name means.


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        Open Letter To Hoopla WTF

        Hello Forum fellows,

        Our Lady Theresa has addressed to all students this letter.

        Light will prevail...

        Love & Light