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  • Posting comments on the main site

    I can't seem to get the comment system to work, even though I'm logged in with Disqus.

    When I type in a comment, nothing happens. There's no button to post and the "log in with" icons don't respond when I click on them.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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    Can you post some screen shots of what you're seeing? What browser are you using? Is the page otherwise responsive, and do things like 'reply' buttons open post boxes (regardless of whether you can actually post)?

    If you're absolutely sure that you're logged into Disqus, my guess is that you might have some sort of antivirus or ad blocking software causing trouble because Disqus has absolutely nothing to do with AVfM's servers, so whatever the problem is, exists somewhere between you and Disqus. Or Disqus themselves may be having problems. (Ocassionally they have outages or weird problems, and often the problems arise only in certain parts of the Internet.)

    It might be worth trying a different browser, too (just as an experiment).

    Failing all of the above, PM me your Disqus username and I'll see if I can see anything obviously wrong from our end (to the extent that there's anything we can do about it from our end).
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