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Welcome MHRAs and here are the rules.

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  • Welcome MHRAs and here are the rules.

    Welcome everyone, to the forum for A Voice for Men.

    This forum is the official gathering place for readers of AVfM and listeners to A Voice for Men Radio. It is equal parts a welcoming place for people new to the men's movement and a hub of activism for those already in the mix.

    We hope it is a great place to make friends and contacts, and that it gives MRAs another important resource in their efforts to fight misandry and work to improve the lives of men and boys.

    The rules here are simple, few and non negotiable.

    First, no threats, glorification or insinuation of violence will be tolerated.

    Second, no threats, glorification or insinuation of violence will be tolerated.

    Third, no threats, glorification or insinuation of violence will be tolerated.

    Trolls, be they white knights or feminists, will be cheerfully banned, and we will move on like they were never even here.

    Be advised, we critique what men and women have been conditioned to become in western culture here with absolutely no sugar coating. The purpose of that is to identify problems and put forth possible solutions that will ultimately lead to a path that responsible men and women can take toward a healthy connection with each other.

    But we make a fine distinction between those critiques and simply bashing for the sake of bashing. If your thing is just to call women bitches and ho's or to call men pigs and rapists, you will find this is not the place for you, and you will find it quickly.

    Also, this forum is a little different than other internet communities. This is not an environment where flame wars, personal attacks and other stupid distractions are appreciated. There is a million places on the internet for people to tear at each other from the anonymity of their screen names. That is fine for those that want that sort of thing.

    The thing about AVfM is that the core purpose of this place is to connect in a supportive way that not only enhances our personal lives, but helps foster group activism. We are in a kind of war, but not with each other. So please treat fellow members with the respect you would like.

    Please take a look around the forum. Familiarize yourself with the different categories and features. And go to the introduction thread and introduce yourself to the community.

    Should you have any questions, please PM one of the mods and ask. This is a free forum, but we take a good customer service approach to helping you enjoy your time here.

    Cheers, and again, welcome.