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  • Howdy from #GamerGate

    Howdy from the frontlines!,
    I know a couple of you gents have been nice enough to come help, but I also know a lot of you
    have no idea whats going on in #GamerGate, If you have any questions about whats going on please ask!
    Ill keep checking the thread from time to time over the next couple of days.

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    Those of us who listen to Honey Badger Radio have heard a lot, as they have done several 2 hour shows on the topic in the last few months, some of which included knowledgeable guests from the gaming community, and they keep giving updates in shows on other topics. And you will find there are a number of Gamers who are members here.

    Please post your perspectives or war stories.

    Oh, and Hi/welcome.
    Liberty, Equality, Humanity


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      Welcome to the forums!

      Well, some of us do know very well what is going on in #GamerGate. I've posted a few things on #GamerGate on these forums myself, but I'm not covering all of it because a) it is only partially tangent to the "cause" of AVfM and b) the anti-GG are blouting new bs faster than I could write a neutral report on (I try to keep reports as neutral as possible out of journalistic integrity).

      Nevertheless, glad to have you on board


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        I listen to honey badgers too!

        Here are things we've learned along the way ( seeing as thats what your most interested in )

        We've found 2 troll groups that have been doxxing everyone one called Bill Waggoner Crew and the other called GNAA.
        BWC has doxxed over 75 people at this point, a hacker in france is responsible for hacking hitbox and doxxing over 1000 hitbox accounts ( its much more )
        We found one of the people who sent death threats to anita ( a brazilian games journalist we have to ban new accounts of his daily )

        We haven't proven that some of the anti-gamergates have been astroturfing BUT we think we found their hiring application as of yesterday XD
        Oh and WE LIKE that they're astroturfing, we don't care that they are, we like that they're wasting money just by us EXISTING.

        Our current position is that with Gawker ( that owns kotaku ) is that we smell blood in the water. With their interns upcoming class action lawsuit and the fact that advertisers are bailing from them left and right, because of their OWN caustic attitude towards advertisers. We think it will send a good message.

        And as of a few days ago we started OPERATION: BABY SEAL. To kill Gawker's adsense accounts through amazon and google.
        It turns out those have VERY strict rules on internet conduct and Gawker media breaks about 20 of those rules (esp nudity and crime)

        The Anti's in the last few days have gotten VERY quiet and we're not sure why ( we don't care ) but we're not sure why.

        We're as strong as ever and motivation is high. we're getting demonised in the media, but we've been called a lot as gamers over the decades and WE DON'T CARE, the only difference is NOW we're older we're the mainstream and we're not paying this FUCKERS to do it, and we're not stopping until the media and advertisers REMEMBER IT.
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          Welcome and keep the GamerGate flag high. We have nothing to be ashamed of as gamers.


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            Hi and welcome. I didn't know the term 'astroturfing' till just now (thanks to google) after you referenced it.

            Thanks for the lesson. Keep it up, most red-pillers have your back as we share common ground with the fight against injustice through effective counter-theory.


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              We're as strong as ever and motivation is high. we're getting demonised in the media, but we've been called a lot as gamers over the decades and WE DON'T CARE, the only difference is NOW we're older we're the mainstream and we're not paying this FUCKERS to do it, and we're not stopping until the media and advertisers REMEMBER IT.
              Your enemies should make you proud.

              They can call you names until the end of time, but they can't make you buy their stuff.

              When is the last time you saw car companies buy ads in magazines/TV shows that call car owners stupid and evil and say the cars they make have to be changed so people who don't buy cars will be happy?
              Liberty, Equality, Humanity


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                Welcome to the AVFM forums TetraD20, you guys are doing a great job at exposing those people for who they are.
                “No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
                ― Pythagoras


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                  Dear Voice for men,

                  Today i met anonymous,


                  They told us that someone we knew was probably responsible for some bad stuff that happened earlier
                  and were nice enought to tell us who was in charge of the operation.
                  ( we think they're responsible for sending the firetruck to kingofpol's house )


                  Also we got accused of piracy today!


                  Which is funny because news is meant to be disseminated.
                  Getting behind a paywall and disseminating that content to the public WOULD be piracy.
                  Nobody pays for Gawker though.

                  This was our response.

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                    Originally posted by Thomas Johnston
                    here is some info from a mothers perspective
                    Based mom 2? It would seem that all your base are belong to moms. :-D
                    Joking aside, RamzPaul recently made a video about how these batshit crazy feminist women seem to be childless. I wonder if he's onto something. Some childless women of a certain age do seem to go mental.
                    Gender is a grammatical distinction and applies to words only. Sex is natural distinction and applies to living objects.


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                      Welcome to the forums.
                      ethikē aretē--phronesis--eudaimonia
                      virtue of character--practical/ethical wisdom--human flourishing

                      It is not a battle to win but an attitude to share.
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                        Dear AVFM,

                        Last night Anita was on the Colbert Report as an expert on sexism and games.
                        While she was there she was asked to name 3 games as examples and was unable to.

                        We were not surprised, and strangely this reminded us of another situation.


                        We're also pleased for the new members that vilifying gamers on mainstream media continues to provide us.


                        Also early this morning we received the news that @operationgamergate aka "anonymous+" had deleted its account in response to
                        the anonymous video. This gave us giggles.

                        Totalbiscuit was on the David Pakman Show today and it was awesome.

                        Operation: Baby Seal made "Boycott Goal of the Day" today!

                        And a final reminder to all.
                        This train has no brakes Choo Choo Motherfucker!
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                          Dear AVFM,

                          Today Arthur Chu had an interview on the David Pakman show

                          I made this image afterwards to celebrate ( wakka wakka motherfucker )
                          edit bonus: further lulz apparently liked my picture

                          It was one of my favorite gamergate moments
                          A high point personally is when Pakman asks "I don't know why we are talking about Zoe Quinn." at approx 15:35
                          Which explains the whole "Literally Who" meme.
                          Also Arthur had a meltdown on twitter afterwards because he didn't get a hugbox interview, many lulz had.

                          Looks like the Astroturfing is confirmed!
                          King of Pol
                          FYI: Nick Denton(Gawker head) deleted his facebook after that second post.
                          edit bonus: also covered this

                          and it looks like some people are going to jail!
                          Oliver Campbell and Mike Cernovich have found more evidence of both astroturfing and that two anti-gg peeps have sent death threats to THEMSELVES.

                          The anti-gg's blocklist is now approximately 15 thousand people now.
                          We gave each other high 5's across social media in response to most of us being on it.

                          We also thought it was fucking hilarious that David Pakman is now on that list. #3334

                          This thread is probably a troll but it was really entertaining and a morale booster.
                          (hint:ctrl+f 6ee088 to find the Original Posters Comments in the thread for those that don't use chan sites)

                          We're at defcon levels of happening at this point.


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