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    RE: Hi, I'm a Rapist

    Originally posted by LordKaT
    Well, I still run my own host of shows at The MRA might be something I could turn into a podcast, as there appears to be a lot of content that could come quite easily.

    I'm not 100% sure how my community would digest it, though. Plus, making a show just about political activism can be a pretty strong turn off for people. Also, talking alone for an hour or two can be pretty boring and sound isolating, I'll need to find a co-host. Possibly someone that shares a different (or slightly different) viewpoint could help spark interest in the show via the hosts dynamic.
    I do writing for games myself, and have hosted a podcast series on literary theory, character development, and stuff like that. What I've found, is that a large part of it is based upon the presentation, more so than the content. People show up for the content, but they stay for the presentation. If the content is good, but presented in a boring manner, they won't stick around. If the content is bland, but well presented, the only reason people would show up is if they felt interested in the first place.

    To some degree, this means you can coast off of previous fame, where your audience shows up simply because of who the presenter is, but if it's a topic that people really aren't interested in, or are actively against (such as men's rights), then your audience can just as easily boycott not only the videos with content they don't want to watch, but can in fact boycott all the rest of your material at the same time, without even having watched the stuff that supposedly gives them reason to do so.

    As such, I'd probably suggest either just showing up on someone else's channel as a guest appearance at first, or slipping little subtle messages into your primary work. Create that first little nagging thought in their mind that something might be worth looking at, and then present it later on once they're primed for the message.

    Going too fast, too soon, can lead to people just shutting out the message entirely without even listening to it, which does more harm than good, sadly, and the last thing you need right now is your reputation ruined even more (and potentially AVFM's as well) by having the feminist crowd start saying that you raped a girl then joined a site which encourages raping people as "proof" of the supposed misdeed. That doesn't really help either of us that much =P
    Originally posted by LordKaT
    I'll think about this and let the idea bubble in my head for a couple of days. Maybe Paul would be interested in it? I can put together shows easily enough (hey, I do 4 different shows per week).

    I wouldn't call myself a Mens Right Activist. Not yet, anyway. I mean, i certainly can't separate myself from the "men are cavemen" mindset. If you watch my videos, I'm about as crude as you can get.
    While it's possible to start with it, I'd suggest more research and more information before getting into things to that degree. You're probably better off with getting to the point where you can handle your side of the argument fully, and honestly believe it before doing a video on such. If you don't consider yourself an MRA yet, you probably have a bit of time to wait until you're ready. Read up, study, you'll be fine soon enough.

    For now, as suggested, maybe show up as a special guest now and then to other channel's talk shows. There's quite a few radio blog broadcasts done each week by AVFM Radio, and that may be a good place to start =3

    In any case, just don't rush things if you're not 100% sure where you stand yet, or if you find yourself to not be fully comfortable with the idea of presenting men's rights stuff.

    Regardless, welcome to AVFM, though I'm sorry to hear the situation that led you here in the first place. It sounds like you did the best thing possible, given the circumstances, and that's still not enough to keep you from being vilified. Unfortunately, feminism is actively searching for scapegoats and whipping boys, and the more public of a figure they are, and the more innocuous the excuse, the better.

    You'd think that'd be the reverse, but the point isn't that they want obvious examples of rape; they actually want as vague and questionable examples as possible, because if they get away with it, it means they can then use that as a precedent in the public court of opinion to claim any example similar to that is also rape.

    So... yeah, you might just have gotten nailed as a casualty for a political war you didn't even know was being waged.
    It doesn't matter if they're right; if they can't prove they're right, then they\'re wrong, no matter how right they may be.


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      RE: Hi, I'm a Rapist

      Hey LordKaT,

      You might want to look up ManWomanMyth on youtube to get an idea about what has happened to conventions and how it relates to feminism. He made an excellent video on "Donglegate" back in early March. ManWomanMyth is an excellent channel along with GirlWritesWhat, Typhon Blue, JohnTheOther, RazorbladeKandy, FeminismLOL.

      If you want to dive into the world of MGTOW(Men going their own way)

      Bar Bar


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        Originally posted by LordKaT View Post
        She wasn't just acting out to be entertaining on a live stream and gain viewers - she was doing it because she has a mental disorder.
        Hi LordKaT,
        I have no idea if you're still around. A deceased colleague of yours is being accused of raping that same woman. I think it's a lot of the same people that accused you that are accusing him.
        What is going on? It's part of a sort of #MeToo campaign about your old employer where people can submit anonymous stories started by some disgruntled women, a system which seems rife for abuse. (Most of the stuff they're saying is stuff you already talked about YEARS ago.) This guy is dead and can't speak for himself. I think you knew him. You knew her years ago and were her friend. But she looks ROUGH now. Like she's totally, completely lost her mind. So I don't know who to believe. Interested in your opinion.