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Stop the matriarchy, do your part to #DefundFeminism NOW!

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  • Stop the matriarchy, do your part to #DefundFeminism NOW!

    I’ll explain why I’m saying what I’m saying in a sec; however, for now, let’s address the title. We’ve sat on forums bitching to no end like a bunch of whiny schoolgirls; gents, it’s time to look between our legs, remember that our cocks aren’t just a cool tool for pissing, and reconnect with what it means to be men. What it means to be men in case anyone needs reminding is to protect and provide, and we’ve been fucking up lately by protecting and providing for the wrong things. Let’s stop that.

    How, you ask? Simple, men are the only ones who effectively pay taxes. I can’t do better than Black Pigeon Speaks in explaining the research (see his video:; however, I will say very simply that the whole shit show comes to an end when we men say enough is enough because we’re paying for this whole mess. Bottom line, the putrid matriarchy in all its grotesque ignominy is built on our backs using our tax dollars, pounds, etc. and while paying tax is the law, we only have to pay if we’re in country for more than 50% of the year (make sure to get legal and tax advice from professionals in your region). Let that sink in.

    Imagine your entire pay being yours. Not a penny to fund a cunt you don’t get to fuck. Not a penny to the subhuman pieces of garbage who produce nothing and demand entitlements whatever their gender. We who contribute, we who build, we who pay, must be forced to share power with leeches that will predictably vote for more free shit at our expense? Fuck that and fuck them. Let them contribute, let them build, and let them pay before they get a vote over how public funds are spent or who sits in public office. No representation, without contributive taxation; we can and must make that political reality, and with modern technology enabling us to telecommute, we can by legally withholding taxes.

    All we need do for example is plan our year so that we spend 3 months in Thailand, 3 months in Cambodia, and 2 weeks on holiday anywhere else but home… and we pay no tax anywhere. Enough of us do it, bye-bye matriarchy. Plus, in developing economies, women respect men and are grateful for our protection and for what we provide. Bottom line here, there’s no downside: more money in our pockets, opportunities to meet better women, and the side effect of absolutely sticking it to the spoilt, entitled brats that’ve gotten so far out of hand that among other things they take our kids, abuse our kids or otherwise allow them to be abused, kill our kids whether in-womb or out-womb, and are responsible as single parents for producing 70% of the delinquents in society if the figures are to be trusted. We’re protecting this, we’re funding this… gents, enough is enough, it’s time to exercise the power we men have always had, resources. Sure, it may take some effort to reshape our lives; hell, we may even need to make some career changes. But, no tax, living in cool parts of the world, and meeting respectful women… I’m failing to see the downside.

    You in? Then make the change in your life and trend it on social media: “Stop the matriarchy, do your part to #DefundFeminism NOW!!”

    So why this and why now?

    I’m a reasonably large man at 180lbs, 5’11”, and physically fit. I can handle myself quite well in a fight and generally, showing that I’m angry ends a confrontation without violence. In other words, men know not to push their luck with someone like me. I’m also a reasonably successful man, earning private banking money. In my career, I’m not liked by everyone but I’m respected because I’m credible, have integrity, and I deliver on the promises I make. I also happen to have a disability. I’m half blind and my one eye turns in noticeably. In school, I was teased viciously until one day I discovered that I’ve one of the meanest head-butts around. A few bloody mouths and noses later, and word got around to leave me alone. Later, I learned martial arts and any bully looking to pick on the half blind kid got to volunteer as my kick-bag. Fun times.

    Fast-forward some 20 years to last night and some short, fat, ugly cunt talking to a friend of mine decides to loudly and repeatedly mock me over my eyes not being straight all while laughing in my face. What I wanted to do was apply my foot to her face, repeatedly, while asking her if she had any more to say. What I actually did, is smile and do nothing because I like my life and I like my career, and I’m not about to risk everything I’ve worked for over some loudmouth bitch. But, it got me thinking. Don’t feminists virtue signal like all holy fuck about protecting folk with disabilities? Don’t they claim to fight oppressors? Oh, that’s right; I’m white, rich, and heterosexual… fuck me, right? Wrong.

    The little social experiment was cute; however, I think that it’s been well and truly proved that in general, women aren’t good substitutes for men on the battlefield, in STEM, or in leadership positions for example and that substituting them for men has only led to their unhappiness per the research (see The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness). Sure, there’re exceptions; however, all the rest need “a helping hand” and it is men’s hands that need to do the helping whether we like it or not because bottom line, the modern female is wed to the state whose resources derive directly from the productivity of all men given that women in general draw more from public funds than they contribute. So, let’s defund the unholy union and in so doing restore order and bring about the urgent changes needed in the West such as no representation without contributive taxation.

    No bitching, no whining, no white pride, no violence, no BS of any kind, simply the power of the almighty buck and where to spend—or not spend—it. Stop the matriarchy, do your part to #DefundFeminism NOW!
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    Male taxation exists insofar as most of them are content with the way their lives are going.

    Even alot of us of the red pill variety are pretty happy with our lives.

    I think most of us divest from the system to a degree commensurate with how alienated we feel.

    When they start talking about "the future is female" they've lost me as a participant.


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      Originally posted by dubs View Post
      Male taxation exists insofar as most of them are content with the way their lives are going.

      Even alot of us of the red pill variety are pretty happy with our lives.

      I think most of us divest from the system to a degree commensurate with how alienated we feel.

      When they start talking about "the future is female" they've lost me as a participant.
      Exactly, it isn't the men making a comfortable living that are going to be complaining. It's the guys barely getting by that have no voice/choices in life and can't do anything about it while the women folk rest peacefully with their social safety nets.

      Not everyone is in a position where it is financially feasible to travel, if you can't take your work with you in your travels it's probably quite a bit cheaper to just stomach the taxes, particularly if you are stuck in an area with low wages and low cost of living, wherein traveling doesn't make sense.


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        I hear you both, the point is very well made. That said, how do we figure out a supporting solution for the man trodden under foot?


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          Go your own way and stop feeding the beast.

          Let the other shmucks pay taxes.


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            Originally posted by dubs View Post
            Go your own way and stop feeding the beast.

            Let the other shmucks pay taxes.

            That's really only a solution for one. The real trick is to do outreach to other men and work at getting them to see what is happening, and then agree to work together toward our common cause. Unfortunately, that's the hard part as Men actually have jobs and real work to do that they can't just stand up and walk away from to go marching in pussy hats to downtown Washington.
            FEMINISM is a HATE GROUP - Feminists are HATEFUL PEOPLE
            It's time to call it out for what it is.

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              As long as there are fathers with daughters, there will be the state as a surrogate father and surrogate husband.

              No one wants to chase down her boyfriends and deal with drama, that's why all she has to do is point at some fella to get him arrested.

              No father wants their daughter on the street selling her ass for a loaf of bread, that's why "we must get women into STEM."

              That's all the whole thing is, a system of institutionalized fatherhood consisting of safety nets, cash and prizes for the daughters of the world.

              Keep pretending it'll end someday.


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                All we need do for example is plan our year so that we spend 3 months in Thailand, 3 months in Cambodia, and 2 weeks on holiday anywhere else but home…
                Seams like I am the only one, so far, who is giving serious thought to this plan?

                I wonder:

                What kind of jobs I can do in this places?
                What languages they speak?
                What cultural differences I need to be aware off?...

                So to tackle this questions:


                Thailand language is Thai this is how it sounds like:

                Thailand system of government is a monarchy, the old king die recently and there is a new king that is not that popular.

                The majority of the population practice Buddhism, seconded by Islam, then christianity.

                The main economical activity of the country is manufacturing. 13% of the population lives under the poverty line.

                To follow up with this plan, that we are considering, most likely we will end up with jobs in the informal sector of the economy. THis article seams to explain the situation of informal workers in Thailand:

                So out of the bat we have this 3 possible job careers:

                "1. Informal workers in the production sector (working or producing from home). This group includes home-based workers or subcontracted workers. Employers who want to cut down on production costs to better compete in the free market often employ such labour.
                2. Informal workers in the service sector (employees, restaurant waiters/waitresses, motorcycle taxi drivers and taxi drivers).
                3. Informal workers in the agricultural sector (employees in the agricultural sector and contract farmers)."

                so basically:

                1. Working in clandestine factories for lower than minimum wages.
                2. Having a background on English can actually help to open some doors here, for instance being tourist guide on tourism season. Otherwise, Taxi driver sounds fine, depending on crime levels.
                3. This is basically to harvest the plantations on the few weeks that they are ready for harvesting... this job requires to move around a lot from plantation to plantation to have months worth of work from the different plantations... so go from coffee to cotton, from cotton to opium, from opium to bananas, from bananas to oranges... and so on...

                Other things to know about Thailand, from the CIA report:

                "Thailand is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking; victims from Burma, Cambodia, Laos, China, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and India, migrate to Thailand in search of jobs but are forced, coerced, or defrauded into labor in commercial fishing, fishing-related industries, factories, domestic work, street begging, or the sex trade; some Thai, Burmese, Cambodian, and Indonesian men forced to work on fishing boats are kept at sea for years; sex trafficking of adults and children from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Burma remains a significant problem; Thailand is a transit country for victims from China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Burma subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, South Korea, the US, and countries in Western Europe; Thai victims are also trafficked in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East"

                So whatever you do in Thailand, do not get a job as a fisherman...


                The official language is Khmer. This is how it sounds like:

                The system of government is a Constitutional Monarchy.

                The majority of people, again, practice Buddhism, followed by minorities of Muslims and Christians. However, the percentage of Muslims is much lower in Cambodia than in Thailand... I mention this because the Muslims in Thailand, mostly at the south of the country have being creating problems.

                Cambodia main economical activity is agriculture, followed by industry, and then services.

                This link talks about the informal economy on Cambodia, not as detailed as the link about Thailand...

                "In Cambodia, particularly in urban areas, a growing number of people are finding work in the informal sector. The occupations filled by these people include mototaxi drivers, cyclo drivers, food/beverage sellers/servers, rubbish collectors, hotel workers and house servants."

                Likewise, background on English will open doors for the tourism sector... somehow I get the idea that there is less opportunities on Cambodia than in Thailand.

                And this from the CIA report:

                "Cambodia is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking; Cambodian men, women, and children migrate to countries within the region and, increasingly, the Middle East for legitimate work but are subjected to sex trafficking, domestic servitude, or forced labor in fishing, agriculture, construction, and factories; Cambodian men recruited to work on Thai-owned fishing vessels are subsequently subjected to forced labor in international waters and are kept at sea for years; poor Cambodian children are vulnerable and, often with the families’ complicity, are subject to forced labor, including domestic servitude and forced begging, in Thailand and Vietnam; Cambodian and ethnic Vietnamese women and girls are trafficked from rural areas to urban centers and tourist spots for sexual exploitation; Cambodian men are the main exploiters of child prostitutes, but men from other Asian countries, and the West travel to Cambodia for child sex tourism"


                So basically people are leaving Cambodia to find a better life in Thailand, where they can be turn into slaves... And it also seems like a great number of tourist visiting Cambodia are interested in visiting such great attractions... like the kindergartens...


                In my personal situation, the language barrier is a big concern about this 2 countries. Everything else looks OK for what it is to live in an informal economy in a 3th world country.

                Don't expect your 2 weeks vacations to be in a 5 stars hotel, you will not be able to afford it.

                Anyway... I assume your plan requires to migrate legally to this countries? So to keep it on the records that you expend more than half a year out of US? but at the same time don't report any work on this countries? because then you will have to pay US taxes over them...

                Any insight in how the migration process is to those countries? How you plan to get permit to stay for 90 days on each country?