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  • Log in difficulties

    I'm having a lot of trouble logging in (and staying logged in).

    Anyone else?

    Although I guess if you are, you might not be able to respond.

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    Try a different browser maybe?

    Brave Browser has been working pretty well for me
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      I am also having problems. The "remember me" check box doesn't seem to work. also, I get a weird error message under the login or signup drop down. I then have to click somewhere else on the page and I seem to then be logged in for a while. I'm using the latest Firefox. I may have to find a new browser. I liked firefox too, but ever since I think version 52, java plugins no longer work either. That and they decided to get political as well.
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        Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it.



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          I'm having similar problems. Tried the "forgot password" option, but the Captcha plugin doesn't work. I tried logging in several times a few days ago and it wouldn't accept my password. I don't know if this is relegated, but that night I received a ton of spam in my email. You might want to make sure this place hasn't been compromised.

          Had to login through chrome instead of Mozilla. I'm now able to log in through Mozilla, but certain things are still weird.