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    For the record: Transcript of “Snitches get stitches”

    Originally posted by dmschlom View Post
    However, do you know what? I think the video he did should be saved. And even transcribed. Because I think it is very interesting what he said is done to "snitches." He says they are tortured for days and suffer horrible deaths, and that this is what goes on in the prison system. I think, in the wake of some of the reports on CIA torture, we need to think about it and consider that what he is saying may really take place. It is the sort of thing Hannah Arendt said went on in Nazi Germany, which she said was a very important part of the regime -- aka, the intimidation aspect of it.
    In addition to archiving his videos and blog, I have recently transcribed his first video to me. I removed his phone number from this transcript.

    So, for the record:

    Transcript of “Snitches get stitches”:

    So, I found out that some little fucking pussy boy has been snitching me out. Fortunately, I have no intention of doing anything that could cause harm to you - and I know you’re watching this, you little pussy. But I’ve known people like you, that they go and snitch somebody out randomly – don’t even tell ‘em, I found out through somebody else. Though I never insulted you one time, you fucking queer.

    And my phone number is **********. You give me a call, you little pussy, and I’ll give you my address, and instead of snitching on me all the time, why don’t you come… Yesterday, I approach you in the kindest possible way. And you say you want me dead? You little cocksucker. You want me dead? You come over to my house – I’ll give you my address – and you fucking kill me. Why don’t ya? And rather than even do that, let’s fricking fight, because I will kick your lily, pussy, spineless ass, you fucking cocksucker! Alright?

    And you obviously don’t have any street smarts, and you obviously have no balls. You know what? People like you… they go to prison, and they have to be kept in protective custody, in the rat block, because there is only one person in prison who has a lower place than a child molester, and get beat up and killed more than child molesters. And you know who those people are? They’re snitches like you, you little bitch! Alright? You little fucking queer! You little fucking jealous piece of shit! And you know what? I don’t want that to happen to you, because you feel like a good guy and you feel justified in it all. And you’re a little scared pussy. And if you could get me locked up, you would, but you don’t have anything ‘cause I’m a law-abiding citizen. Idiot.

    But you know what? Why don’t you watch a reality show on the drug trade, or anything… In prison, they… do you know what they do to identify a snitch? They leave scars from their lips – mutilations from their lips to their earlobes, so that everyone knows they’re a snitch. And they are left with a hideous face and a speech impediment for the rest of their lives.

    And that’s nothing like what they do in the drug trade. They’ll kick your ass, and they will put you in the back of the truck, and they will drive you down to Mexico or South America, beating your ass and breaking your bones the entire way. And then when they get there, after days of torturing you, they put a tire around you soaked in gasoline, and they light you on fire, and it will burn and burn until you are a crisp. And then they will leave you out there for other people to see what happens to little fucking snitches like you, you little pussy-ass bitch!

    I did nothing to you, you little faggot! Nothing. You fucking queer! And then yesterday you say you want me dead? You little fucking pansy! COME DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, YOU LITTLE BITCH! COME DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, FAGGOT! I will k… Oh, man. Just fight me, you fucking queer. That’s all I wanna do, I just wanna fight you, I don’t wanna fuck you up for the rest of your life. But instead of gossiping behind someone’s back, be a fucking man and go to their face. Don’t be a little fucking pussy-ass bitch and go and call Crimestoppers and notify authorities. OK? Faggot!

    And not only that, you go and take somebody’s personal information – this wasn’t even me, this was a friend of yours? – and you submit it to all these random people? And this person did not give you permission to do that and did not want you to do that. You are such a spineless, disgusting, the most pussy-ass bitch I know, currently in my life. OK?

    And another thing they do to snitches. They knock their teeth down their throat, and then they pull out their tongue and cut it off so that those people will never snitch again. And this is not a threat. I couldn’t do that to an animal, I couldn’t do that to my worst enemy. I couldn’t even do that to a mass murderer, because some of them are suffering so much, and I don’t want to make them suffer anymore.

    But, oh man. Come to my house, give me a call, and you come over here if you want me to die. Quit being a pussy about it. Alright? May you have a great day. Little bitch! You little candy-ass, spineless, little pussy-ass cocksucking whore, you little butt slut faggot! Have a good day. *sigh*

    *** END QUOTE ***