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    I saw a funny Norwegian movie recently called The Troll Hunter. Done in the style of the Blair Witch Project. The plot goes along the lines of the government keeping the fact that trolls exist a secret, and have a guy who hunts them down when they move out of their territory and threaten the public. Bit of a laugh, and funny how they interpret the "signs" of troll activity. Power lines are really there to keep trolls out and not to provide electricity etc lol
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    What can I say?


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      I saw that movie on Netflix and thought it was very good.


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        Feminist troll -- speaking out against the objectification of women.

        With a lot of feminist spunk too. Defying gender stereotypes of women as pretty and docile.


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          If one gets to know a troll, they are kinda cute..


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            Yes brightly colored hair has become quite popular amongst female trolls.

            "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle


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              Okay, so I'm thinking about this whole troll thing. Part of me thinks it is because I suspect that there are a couple of new and very crafty trolls on this site, perhaps working in collusion. But the other part of me, the part that is asking the typing part of me to type this right now, is thinking about the whole origin of this term we have, 'troll.' I say it like the word 'roll' or 'role', only with a 't' at the front. I've thought about this idea for at least a few years now, and I am not so sure 'troll' is the right word to describe all of the people who engage in such behavior. Part of me thinks it is an aberration of 'trawl.'

              A troll sits idly by, under a bridge, and waits for someone to cross and then jumps out and makes demands. Seems fairly logical to describe some such people who engage in such behavior.

              A trawler, meanwhile, casts a net and drives around, hoping to ensnare as many victims as possible. That interpretations also seems logical to describe certain trollish behavior.

              The two words are eerily similar in pronunciation. I can't help but wonder if some of the first trolls were out 'trawling,' and somewhere along the way an error in communication gave rise to the term. What is it they say? The Americans and the British are two peoples who speak a common language confused by a pond? Something like that.


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                I hate rep systems. I don't rep or neg anyone here. I like reputation on youtube, because its based on a video, or idea. But its the idea of rating a person that I have a serious problem with, even if they appear to be the world's biggest asshole, they still have similar social drives affecting their need or want to survive.


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                  to fish with a hook and line that you pull through the water
                  It's surprisingly accurate, considering the internet was involved. Obvious troll posts are commonly referred to as bait as well.