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  • simpleman
    Originally posted by voidspawn View Post

    Legitimate questions to be asked about what the hell was going on. More than one video shows that there were protestors armed with bats or similar behind the car and pursuing it. You can see two different groups of protestors, the car victims wearing normal clothing, assembled in a crowd and no weapons apparent. These people got ploughed into, you can also see others, faces covered attacking the car from behind who proceed to smash it after it impacts the crowd. This footage doesn't clarify anything, perhaps assembling all the evidence might. But there is more going on than just a 'maniac in a car' explains.
    To be honest, I would attack the car too, after I see it mow down a crow, My intention would be to stop him to mow down more people and prevent him to escape... probably a greater challenge to avoid the people to lynch him... so did people got him and turn him to the cops? or he mow down people all the way to his escape from that place?... what would you do different?

    Would be interesting to see the opinion of the forum if the crow capture him and turn him to the cops instead of... In the video it looks like he fail to escape?

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  • simpleman
    Originally posted by Mifune View Post
    I don't have much time, may reply more later.

    The men dressed in fatigues with rifles were not there as white-nationalists or racists. They were there as peace-keepers. That doesn't mean none of them are racist, I don't know. But that wasn't their purpose there. Mostly this article expose the prejudice and fear of the jewish man who wrote the posting. We can debate the merits or rationality of his fear, but the truth of the matter is that man he was afraid of probably did more to keep him safe than the police who withdrew from the situation.

    Unfortunately postings like the one shared in the OP present people's assumptions as facts that then need to be countered with the truth.

    People are tired of seeing violence on the news. They're tired of watching anti-fa show up as a "counter protest" with the specific goal of inciting violence and the police and authorities turning a blind-eye. In the face of numerous instances where the police have allowed violence to occur, these particular men showed up to try to help keep the peace. For their trouble they're being lumped in with racists and white-nationalists.
    How do you know who the 3 people with guns was???

    For what I understand, they never approach the people in the synagogue, introduced themselves and explain their presence...

    I don't see how you know who they are and what where their motives...

    By the way, every time there is a nazi demonstration they manage to route it in front of a synagogue and proceed to do their little show... this is not a 1 time event... In some cases there have being vandalized property and assault too...

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  • simpleman
    Originally posted by oldblueeyes View Post
    If the Deep State/Swamp/Washington Establishment/Pedophiles do force out Trump...
    You are sick.

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  • simpleman
    Originally posted by mr_e View Post
    Alt-Right Activists Condemn Violence, Dispute Mainstream Account

    I agree very much with what you said.

    And I will add that there are a number of alternative viewpoints to the situation that the mainstream media are refusing to consider-- *consider*-- as in even bother to tell you could be *possibilities*. They are so entrenched in slanting it into a one-sided conflict. I am presenting this link not as "the truth", but as an alternate explanation for the events presented from another viewpoint. I fully expect that there are details, recollections, and even outright biases and projections contained within-- but it is as "valid" as the perspective presented by the mainstream media-- meaning, it is simply more of the story for the viewer to see, read, absorb and try to incorporate as he/she tries to make an UNBIASED EFFORT to actually UNDERSTAND what happened-- and what IS happening in our nation right now.

    Alt-Right Activists Condemn Violence, Dispute Mainstream Account

    And there are lots of different video feeds to view from different angles and perspectives. Pick one, pick many-- they show a different version of the truth.

    YouTube Videos: "Charlottesville Car Video"
    This is not the first time extreme left and extreme right clash in the streets...

    However in this case, you can't really say the level of violence was equal.. just by the head count of dead and injured in both sides...

    This prayer is going around jewish communities:

    After violence from white supremacists left death and injury in Charlottesville, here’s a prayer and a call to action for all who love this nation.

    We Will Not Yield
    I am neither Democrat nor Republican,
    Neither left nor right nor center.
    I am an American,
    Born to a legacy of truth and justice,
    Born to a legacy of freedom and equality.

    Today, I am a patriot
    Who will not yield this nation to hate.
    Not to neo-Nazis.
    Not to thugs self-styled as militia.
    Not to slogans or chants.
    Not to gestures or flags.
    Not to threats and not to violence.

    Hate is hate,
    Ugly and brutal,
    And we will not yield.

    I am Christian, Muslim and Jew,
    Catholic, Buddist, Hindu and Sikh,
    Atheist and agnostic.
    I am Asian, Latino, Hispanic, African American,
    White, Native American and multi-racial.
    I am an immigrant, a child of the American Revolution,
    A veteran and a soldier.
    I work in the dark depth of the mines
    And the high towers of Wall Street,
    In the factories and the farms,
    In our hospitals and strip malls.
    I am gay, lesbian, straight, bi, trans,
    Man, woman and gender-neutral.
    I am young, old, blind and deaf,
    Hearing and sighted,
    Powerful and unafraid.

    Truth is truth,
    That all are created equal,
    And we will not yield.

    Today, I am an American,
    A citizen of the United States,
    A child of this great democracy,
    A child of this wise republic,
    Dedicated to liberty,
    Dedicated to action.

    We will not yield.

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  • simpleman
    Originally posted by voidspawn View Post

    This is the statement anti Trump, leftists and mainstream media are condemning him for?

    This makes him a racist?
    Didn't call the violent by name in that video, no a single time he say a word about the KKK or the neo-nazis... what is your point?

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